Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dad Ate My Popcorn...

I wanted to take the time to post the other Mother's Day videos I made for my wife.

One of my missions when my wife became pregnant was to document my son's life through a "video journal". Ultimately, I plan to give these videos to my son so he can understand the joy he gave his parents. I want him to know how much he changed our lives. Mostly, I want him to see how hysterical his mom became over his silly antics!

The very first video I made was when we told my mother-in-law that we were having a boy. To this day, it remains my favorite video. Her reaction was so genuine and pure. The simple things in life really resonate.

I try to make the videos every 6 months, but I often sprinkle in "short films", which are usually a couple minutes long of my son doing something funny or sweet. Typically, the videos start with a photo montage that depict his journey during that time period. This is followed by a series of edited videos, which celebrate his BIG personality.

We laugh, we cry, we smile. In the end, we just enjoy being with our kid.

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  1. I love your videos - I have looked forward to them since before our son was born. They are beautiful and artistic and serve as great reminders of how much LIFE there is in our little family.

    "I've always thought anyone can make money. Making a life worth living, that's the real test." - Robert Fulghum

    So far, I think we're passing! Love you!


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