Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun in the sun...and water

Thank you to all who joined us at the spraygrounds for making our first outing a huge success. Last Monday was a blistering hot day, but the cool water provided a much needed relief. It certainly didn’t seem like the heat bothered any of the kids, who ran around without regard for the thick humidity!

The play date at the spraygrounds was a unique opportunity to embrace my inner two-year old and just have some fun. It was a chance to celebrate some of life’s simplest pleasures with the most meaningful people in my life. I got to see my son enjoy his innocence and even be a little courageous.

On this day, my son decided to venture into the spray castle at the park, a place just a year ago that was too treacherous to approach. He didn’t know if he’d get sprayed by the shooting water or if the big bucket would spill water on his head. But, he decided to take a chance - the benefits for fun far outweighed the risks.

As he cautiously entered the castle, he unknowingly walked directly into shooting water. Unsure how to react, he quickly composed himself and pushed forward. Before long, the shooting water and the other “dangers” of the castle didn’t matter. He was having too much fun to even notice them. They were no longer scary to him. My son had the unabashed courage to try something new! Perhaps this was a good lesson for all of us…nothing ventured, nothing gained.

At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed a special surprise! The head chef (also known as my lovely wife) of Hungry Dog Heaven: A Dog Barkery made delicious yogurt covered pretzels sticks for all who came. Inspired by life’s sweet and salty moments, the combination of flavors seemed just perfect for the occasion. Like our son, she seems to be branching out into new territory, as this was Hungry Dog Heaven’s first venture into making delicious homemade treats for two-leggeds!



  1. We had a great time! Thanks for arranging the meet up, and the pretzel treats were delicious!

    -Lucinda, Austen (Drew's female friend) and Gage

  2. For those who came, I uploaded some pictures to shutterfly. Feel free to email me ( for the link.



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