Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Tribute to Bell

I’m constantly amazed by my wife. She is so involved that it’s hard for me to recount all of her commitments. On any given day, she juggles multiple balls and wears many different hats. In addition to her full time job, she:

It isn’t enough that she is just involved. My wife is passionate about what she does. I often envy her because she truly loves her work. And she makes a difference. I still vividly remember a few years ago when one of “her women” (as she calls them) described her as a messenger of God. I can’t help but agree. Her motivations are pure. She has sculpted an intentional way of life that serves a purpose – a selfless devotion that betters our world.

I can barely keep her schedule straight and I constantly drive her crazy when I repeatedly ask her, “Where are you going again?” I have mnemonic nicknames for all her friends to help me associate where she knows them from. How else can I even keep them straight? On top of all that, her most important priority is her family – her 4-legged children, her son, and me.

October happens to be my wife’s busiest month. This month, in addition to her usual commitments, and the annual programs she coordinates in honor of National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (which just also happens to be on our wedding anniversary), she is also helping to lead the charge for breast cancer awareness – a disease that has intimately affected her own family. Her nights and weekends fill up fast with events, webinars, and even work. However, this month also happens to host my wife’s birthday, which can fall victim to her selfless ways. This year in particular, our plans for her birthday family-building adventure were cancelled due to our son’s ill-timed cold. This month while she works diligently to promote awareness and solidify our future, it’s my priority to celebrate an extraordinary woman. October is many things to many people…but for my family, it is a celebration of my wife.

I know that she often struggles with her identities as a mother, wife, and professional. However, above all else, she prioritizes us and truly values her uninterrupted family time. Society may tell her that she can’t have it all. I disagree. Society doesn’t know my wife. Anyone who knows my wife understands that she doesn’t accept social norms. She is constantly evolving to make a better life for us. Thus, for her birthday, it is my main concern to let her know that she is a great mom, who is raising an incredible kid. And importantly…he knows it too.

Despite that the fact that our birthday plans were interrupted by the unpredictable nature of a 2-year old’s immune system, our celebration of “mom” is always constant.

Happy birthday, Bell. We love you! I hope you enjoy your video gift!


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