Saturday, November 13, 2010

An Amazing Concert...for a great cause

The Rock Your Bottom concert was a resounding success. We had over 130 attendees at the concert and together, we raised 3,624 diapers for NJ families in need. It's been a week since the event and we are still amazed by the generosity and support that made the event such a success. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated diapers. We are still receiving diapers from our amazon wish list, which can be found here. If you were unable to attend the concert and you still want to contribute, please feel free to buy diapers from our wish list.

A special thank you to all our volunteers for their time and talent for making Rock Your Bottom an amazing event. We were so honored to have the support of all our volunteers for an entire afternoon.

In addition to all the diaper donations, we received generous donations for our tricky tray raffle from some very talented people: 

The lucky winners went home with some amazing prizes!

Of course, we also had an amazing performance by Preschool of Rock, who had all the little bottoms rocking! His songs are so infectious, my son was singing them days after the event! Preschool of Rock's new semester of classes begins in January, so be sure to check out his website and sign up early!

Also, a big thank you to Jason Platko for taking over 400 pictures of the concert. His pictures will be posted soon!

Finally, I am most thankful for my wife. She wears many hats on most days, but she worked tirelessly in organizing and planning the concert. I'm constantly amazed by her philanthropic spirit and selfless devotion to breaking down barriers for positive change. She should be proud of herself. I certainly am!

Thank you again to everyone who was involved in making Rock Your Bottom a huge success. A little help goes a long way and your donations will help many families. For that, you should be proud. Congratulations to everyone! 

Stay tuned...there's more to come!


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  1. Somehow, it didn't seem like work at all! Planning an event with your best friend and having the support of some very generous and kind-hearted people makes the time pass quickly and (relatively) painlessly. So much so that I am already planning the next event! :)


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